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The International Awareness  and Involvement Committee implements projects that provide opportunities for Little Rock Alumnae Chapter members and the community to broaden their knowledge and understanding of other nations, increase their interest in international affairs, and aid in developing a greater appreciation for people of different backgrounds and cultures. The committee has been involved in the following programs:

  • Sponsor-A-Child Sponsorship through Hosen International Ministries

  • Education in Haiti can cost up to 40% of a family’s annual income.  Often families are forced to choose between providing daily nutrition or an education for their children.  The older a child, the more productive they can be in providing their families with income.  Only 77% of children in Haiti participate in the primary grades (K-7th), and 25% of children attend grades 8th-13th. Little Rock Alumnae Chapter is doing it part to bring education to a child internationally.


  • Partner with St. Mark Church, chapter members collect toiletries to send to Haiti

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