Delta Presents


Dear Supporters and Friends of Delta Presents Scholarship Program, 


Thank you for your continued support of the Delta Presents Recognition and Scholarship Program.  Your generous donations and support helps us successfully award thousands of dollars in scholarships each year.

We are excited about our upcoming 2021 Delta Presents Scholarship Program.

2020-2021 Delta Presents Application









For any further questions or concerns, please email or contact Ruby E. Dean: (501) 590-1543 /Dorothy Bledsoe: 501-831-8893 

As we reflect on our 47 years of community service, we are excited about the number of lives we have touched through scholarships, mentoring, and personal development.  We nurture and encourage our honorees to become positive role models, entrepreneurs, leaders in the community, and productive citizens in their city, state, and nation. 


Delta Presents is a process, not an event.  With this premise, the CLEP, Career Development, Leadership Development, Educational Development, and Personal/Social Development program was created as the development component of Delta Presents.  The objects of CLEP are to:


  • ​​​Empower Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence 

  • Develop Positive Self Concept 

  • Develop Academic, Social, Leadership and Work Skills 


The program objectives of CLEP will results in an increase high school graduation rate amount the target group.  We aim to encourage college attendance and expand job opportunities for the participants.  We are committed to making a positive difference with our CLEP four-year program. 


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